Donna Tonks

Finding ways for the body to self heal

“Make the yoga work for you. you are not here to serve yoga, but yoga is here to serve you.”

Donna Tonks believes that our bodies are designed to self heal. Yoga is for every shape, size, and every walk in life. Large, small, injured, young and old alike.

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, lives and works in the New England area.
Inspired by zen-tangle art, Donna started drawing.  In doing so her insomnia started to decrease and was able to get a better night’s sleep. Donna never thought of herself as an artist. She put her first art piece on Facebook and received many positive responses including from Chandra. Chandra himself is a recent startup in the yoga pants industry. He asked her if she is interested in making art for yoga pants. Donna shocked at this offer, thought to herself, “Why not!” So here we both are jumping in with both feet. Who knows where this will go.
Family is her passion. Her and her husband are currently are empty-nester’s to four dynamic children. She loves nature, hiking, bicycling, sailing, photography and  zen-tangle, and of course yoga.

Donna currently works at The Skin and Body Spa in Nashua, NH.To schedule a massage, click on the link below, be sure to schedule with Donna Tonks.

The SkinAndBodySpa