DharmaChakra is ancient symbolism followed by many cultures to represent  of cycle of Life.

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This line is art work and imagination of local artist Kala. checkout her profile in Kala Kreations.

In this art She tries to show the various shades of life cycle as not one is same as other but still all represents a wheel a true illustrations of Life.

The DharmaChakra collection enhances the yoga experience by allowing the simple use of one’s own body as a tool toward health and wellness. The yoga clothing line uses visual clues for alignment, and can be used in the following ways as a guide for proper alignment:

  • Wheels hub is placed on the knees to provide guide to the alignment for any pose.
  • The spokes of the wheel provides the vertical alignment guide.
  • the hip chakras  guide hip alignment and "drishti" points for meditation. 


The image credited to  Biswarup Ganguly,CC BY 3.0, Link

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