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The Ardhanari collection is a tribute to equality and diversity.  Every human being possesses multiple identities and we celebrate that truth.  Most ancient cultures acknowledge that a form of duality exists in every individual. The Sanskrit name “Ardha Nari” translates to “Half Male and Half Female.”  

The Ardhanari collection features seven feminine chakras and seven masculine chakras.  The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies through which energy, or “kundalini,” flows.  The chakras are placed on a cosmic wave, representing the cosmic universe.

The Ardhanari collection of yoga clothing is the ultimate integration of engineering and art.  The collection was conceptualized by Chandra, an engineer and a yogi himself. During his practice, he was struck by an idea to create yoga pants integrated with symbols meaningfully placed on the pants for proper alignment.  Inspired by the artwork of Donna Tonks, Chandra saw his vision of yoga pants realized as the seamless harmony of engineering and art.

The Ardhanari collection enhances the yoga experience by allowing the simple use of one’s own body as a tool toward health and wellness. The yoga clothing line uses visual clues for alignment, and can be used in the following ways as a guide for proper alignment:

  • side chakras in rising kundalini are vertical alignment markers
  • the hip chakras and cosmic waves guide hip alignment
  • the horizontal wave pattern provides alignment for any front facing pose, such as tree or triangle poses
  • the horizontal wave pattern guides leg position in poses requiring both legs be kept together, such as cobra or mountain poses. By aligning the patterns on each leg as legs are kept together, the visual cue is a guide to “zip up the legs”
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